VHR (Very High Reflector) booths and beds provide the best value for those looking to get a great base tan or maintain an existing tan.  At Surf City Tans, we have the right level  for everyone!


Maximize your tan by taking care of your skin! Wrinkles and premature aging usually occurs because people neglect proper skin care.  This is especially important when tanning! Our lotions contain the amino acid Tyrosine which helps your body produce melanin naturally.  Melanin is your body’s natural reaction to UV and the only natural sun screen! Help your body naturally produce the glow you are looking for all while preventing exfoliation by using one of our tanning lotions.  Ask any of our employees to help you pick out the right lotion for you.

Level 1       

VHR 42         42 VHR lamps 100w

                       11 min exposure time




Level 2

VHR 54  (Booth)                    54 VHR lamps 160w

                                                10 min exposure time


MegaSun Extreme (Bed)  40 VHR lamps 100/160w

                                                12 min exposure time

Level 3

VHR 60  (Booth)           60 VHR lamps 160w

                                       8 min exposure time


Matrix L58 (Bed)     54 VHR lamps 160w 

                                   plus (4) 620w HP facial lamps

                                    12 min exposure time

High Pressure technology works by filtering out most of the UVB rays while allowing UVA through.  UVB penetates the top layer of skin only  and is generally known to produce sun burn much more quickly than UVA.  UVA penetrates differently into the skin triggering melanin production faster without sunburn.


Because UVA produces a quicker and longer lasting tan, you don't have to visit a high pressure machine nearly as often as other types which have higher UVB.

High Pressure


Ultrabronze Sun X2    24 HP lamps 1000w

                                           10 min exposure time


Matrix L33              27 HP lamps 620w

                                  plus (6) 1000w HP facial lamps

                                   12 min exposure time


Velocity HP1000   18 HP lamps 1000w

                                 plus (2) 240w HP shoulder lamps

                                 12 min exposure time