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Are there really benefits to tanning?

Yes! Solar light stimulates the production of vitamin D, in fact, it is necessary to your overall health.  Although over exposure can have adverse health effects, regular and moderate exposure is widely known to treat a variety of skin disorders including: Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Acne vulgaris, Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, (and other types of fungoides).  It also helps to lower blood pressure and promote a general sense of wellbeing which is why the UV light is connected to treating seasonal affective disorders.

I don't tan under the sun, should I use a tanning bed?

While you are welcome to try any of our services, if you know that your skin does not tan under the sun it will most likely be not be able to tan in a UV bed or booth.  You may want to try our sunless alternative which provides a natural looking tan taylored to your skin type.

Do I need to remove contacts?

No, contacts are not affected by UV light emitted by our equipment anymore than the sun would naturally affect them.  If you personally experience discomfort you may choose to remove them if you please.

Do I really need eyewear?

Yes! Your eyes are very sensative to UV light and your eyelids are the thinnest skin on the body.  Some UV light can penetrate the eyelids so it is important to wear eye protection.  We also suggest sunglasses when you are just out and about and not actively tanning.

Why should I use tanning lotions?

UV exposure dries out the skin, and dry skin reflects light and sheds more quickly.  Tanning lotions help the skin retain moisture and creates a better surface for absorbing the light.  It is also suggested that you maintain your skin with lotions before and after tanning sessions to prolong your tan.

How often should I tan?

Much of this depends on you skin type and genetics.  Generally, most people can develop a base tan within about 3 to 5 sessions depending on the booth, and maintain their desired tan with a couple visits per week.  This also depends on the booth used.  In a high pressure machine, maintaining a tan only takes a few visits per month.

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