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Automatic Spray Booth

The brand new Auto Revolution by Norvell is the most state of the art automatic sunless spray system available today! We are proud to be first in the South Jersey area to offer this premium service to our clients.  


What you will be surprised to find with the Auto Revolution is that it produces airbrush quality results - combined with the comfort and speed of an automatic spray booth!


There are only two standing positions which are totally voice guided, and the machine determines your height prior to the session so that the robotic spray nozzle is tailored perfectly to each client, just like in a personalized airbrush service.

The Right Color for Everyone

There is no more need to worry about the quality and color you are getting.  The DHA in the iNTELLiSPRAY Solution begins to tan and dry on contact.  This is all thanks to the industry leading HVLP spray system which has been incorporated into the booth design. This virtually replicates a handheld airbrush session!


If you still prefer a personalized session, the Auto Revolution has a built in HVLP hand held sprayer which a certified employee can use to give you that individualized service you desire!



Norvell's award winning "Just off the Beach" natural looking color just got better! iNTELLiSPRAY Solution is another first by Norvell.  Combining our xLaTan pH balancing spray and sunless solution in one.  This heat activated formula is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and the best natural ingredients to provide healthy natural results!

System Highlights

Auto Spray & Dry Cycle




Height Sensing Technology


Open Cabin Design


Voice Guided Process


Multiple Color Options


Heated Environment


Award Winning HVLP

Spray Technology 


iPod/mp3 Input


Here are some real Surf City Tans Auto-Revolution Customers...

Customer above used our standard Norvell "Dark" solution in the lightest shade for a natural looking glow perfect for winter!

Customer above used our standard Norvell "Dark" solution in the medium shade to get that end-of-summer glow!

We currently have three shades of Norvell iNTELLiSPRAY solution.  All skin types are suitable for all of our solutions, but its great to try them all to see which ones you like the best!  Here is a little break down of the solution types...


"Dark" - our premier standard bronzing solution (seen above)

"Venetian" - great for those olive skinned individuals who are looking to get that natural beach tanned look

"Double Dark" - healthy smooth skin with an incredible color, you will love this bronzed look!


All of our solutions can be applied in "Light" "Meduim", and "Dark".  So if you are just looking for the healthy glow but not the dark tan, you can go for "Light" or "Medium", it's totally customized to what you want.  Or if you want the deep bronzed look, you can go right for "Dark".  Just pick your color and shade!


In addition to our color solutions above, we offer a post treatment called HydroFirm!  It's a $3.00 add on service which helps extend your tan by locking in the color while adding our exclusive moisturizing and firming agents at the same time!  This feature is well worth the small expense and we highly recommend it to get the most out of your sunless experience!


Our solution is all pH balanced so you will never experience any orange discolorations common with older technology.  We guarantee you will love your color!

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