matrix v28.jpg

High Pressure


Iso Italia V28    28 HP lamps 


Ergoline Open Sun 1050  30 HP lamps 



Level 3

VHR 60  (Booth)           60 VHR lamps 160w


Matrix L58 (Bed)     54 VHR lamps 160w 

                                   plus (4) HP facial lamps


Level 2

VHR 54  (Booth)                    54 VHR lamps 160w


MegaSun Extreme (Bed)  40 VHR lamps 100/160w


Level 1       

VHR 42         42 VHR lamps 100w




Surf City Tans has the best selection of indoor tanning equipment for clients of every level.


For our more fair clients we recommend you start with high pressure.  It's not exactly like it sounds, High Pressure lamps operate at higher temperatures which when filtered through specal glass produce 99% UVA, while filtering out almost all UVB.  The end result is a rich tan you start to see on day one, no sunburn, which means minimal drying and exfoliation of the skin.  These factors combined will leave you with a much longer lasting tan with much fewer visits.

Here at Surf CIty Tans we have no low-level equipment.  ALL of our levels from 1 through 3 consist of premium VHR (Very High Reflector) tanning lamps - nothing less.  VHR lamps have a special coating on the back side which reflects all of the light toward the tanner producing a very effective tanning experience without the need for extra long sessions. With these efficient sessions you maximize melanin production while reducing the drying out and exfoliation of the skin.  VHR lamps put out a UV profile like what you would get in the tropics. It you tan easily under the real sun you will tan the same in a VHR machine. Additionally if you burn easily under the sun you will experience this the same in a VHR machine which is why we recommend you try High Pressure in this case.