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ERGOLINE  Sunrise 7200


Ergoline boasts some of the most award-winning machines in the industry for comfort and performance.  Surf City Tans is proud to feature several recent additions to our lineup including brand new Level 3 Ergoline Sunrise 7200 booths.  An upgrade from our previous machines, these offer a more powerful and efficient tanning experience with an immersive and comfortable environment. With our newly constructed larger private rooms, our tanners will be greeted by the LED light show and voice guided tanning session.  The Sunrise also features surround cooling and soft opening floating doors.  You won't be disappointed with your new level 3 tanning experience!



ERGOLINE   OpenSun 1050


Our Open Sun 1050 beds provide 360 degrees of pure POWER.  The award winning Ergoline Open Sun 1050 is one of the most powerful and popular High Pressure sunbeds in the world.  With a true open air design, comfortable contoured acrylic and full-body cooling system, you're sure to enjoy every minute of your experience.  This machine is equipped with 100% high pressure lamps so you'll experience optimum bronzing without the burn!  Ask one of our staff members for more info.


KBL Space 2000

The new addition to our Level 2 lineup has arrived.  Meet our KBL Space 2000 booths!  Featuring an optimized VHO tanning system, this powerful new booth will get you beach ready in no time! You'll also enjoy the quiet cabin with open ceiling and a powerful fanless downdraft cooling system.  This voice-guided booth also features an optional input for our customers who like to play their own tunes, the vibra-Nano system will give you the ultimate surround sound experience!


ERGOLINE   Avantgarde 600

One of the most popular machines around, combining the power of VHR body lamps with High Pressure facial lamps and the most comfortable contoured "wave-form" acrylic beds you will find!  Step into the Ergoline 600 and experience the power and comfort for yourself!


iso italia V28 Matrix


The best of the best, our wildly popular Italian-made Matrix V28 offers a true VIP experience.  With 360 degree full High Pressure lamps, this solarium will deliver the results you are looking for!  Come step into this open-air cabin and get that celebrity color everyone wants!

Come visit us at Surf City Tans and check out all of our equipment.  Our staff is happy to speak with you to determine which is best for you! We continuously reinvest in our equipment to offer the best, most optimized solarium experience available on the market. 

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